Monday, October 19, 2015

I wonder what's going to happen next?

April is over and it has been a pretty dry month. Usually April showers bring May flowers but there were not a lot of April showers.

It makes me wonder what kind of summer we're in for.

Maybe I'll ask a couple of Dutchmen. Those Amish farmers are generally pretty good with the weather. A couple of years ago I asked one and he was spot on.

He said the winter wasn't hard enough to kill a lot of burrowed insects and we'd likely have a pretty buggy summer. Boy, was he right!

I wrote this last May and never posted it.

It's now mid-October and I think that the next chance I have a couple of hours off around dinnertime I'm going to drive up north and drop in on a couple of Dutchmen I know. I'll ask them what kind of winter we're in for.

I don't think the Amish have special skills in predicting the weather but nobody else, does, either. Their guess is probably just as good as anyone else's.

It's just a sneaky excuse to go north and see the sights and smell the air. 

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