Thursday, October 15, 2015

One of the things I can't seem to figure out

 is why people keep trying to deny the rights of the opposing party.

I suppose the classic example of this would be the New Black Panther party versus the Klan. They hate each other and spend their time trying to take away each other's rights.

What they are too pigheaded to realize is they're both setting themselves up to lose their rights. If government can stifle one, it can stifle both.

The founding fathers that begat this nation based on liberty were well aware that there would occasionally be trouble because of our basic freedoms.

They knew that Americans as a whole would likely be a heated pot and that it would sometimes boil and occasionaly boil over.

They figured that there would be occasional fights and riots. They figured that while the country could live through things of this nature it could not live very long as a free nation if the government interfered.

It's called liberty and to me it trumps butt-hurt.

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