Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Well, it looks like Cecil the Lion's killer won't face charges in ZImbabwe

Supposedly he had legal authority to hunt.

My guess is Mugabee got his palm greased but that's neither here nor there.

My guess now is that the professional hunter duped him into thinking it was a legal kill. It makes sense as PHs are paid for getting results and Palmer probably paid a pretty penny for his services.

Frankly, I have no problem with the way this has ended.

Of course, Walter Palmer has been tried, convicted and executed by the court of public opinion. His bleached bones are hanging for all to see.

Still, it appears to me that he was only guilty of being duped by a professional hunter. His permits seem to be all in order.

Right now a lot of hippies are crying their eyes out and that makes me smile. These are the same hippies that showed me how stupid they really are. 

I had someone photoshop my face on a picture of Steven Speilberg sitting in front of a prop from a Jurassic Park movie. The photoshopper also added an AR-15 variant in his hands.

It looked like I had just shot a triceratops, an animal that has been extinct for several million years.

The hippies took the bait and my Facebook page took a bunch of hits and I got comments of disapproval and a few threats. Of course the threats were proof positive that the person that made the threat was patently stupid. I think he forgot that the same rifle used to shoot a triceratops would likely work do defend one's self from such an activist.

I have always wondered what people would say if there was the stuffed head of an activist hippie hanging on my wall.

"Here's the hippie I took that tried to take me out after he thought I had shot a triceratops! Note the look of shock and outrage on his face! I carefully shot him in the chest to make sure the head wasn't damaged so I could mount it here." 

"Good shot, Pic!"

While I have no burning desire to go to Africa and shoot something, the fact still remains that hunting is probably the only reason the animals are not extinct.

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