Thursday, October 29, 2015

One of the things I generally avoid

 is the tyranny of being a club member.

While I am a member of a sortsman's club and a ham radio club I am not really too active in either. I pay my dues, attend the work days when I can and pretty much leave it at that.

It seems that most clubs and organizations draw a couple of people that wheedle their way into positions of authority and start pushing their agenda on the rest of the membership.

A few months ago I kind of pissed off one of the biggies in the local ham club over Field Day. He wanted to drag out the extension cords and set things up outside but not in true field conditions.

He explained the importance of the laptops and so on. I pointed at my PRC-320 army field radio and said I didn't need electricity.

He asked me how I would record my QSOs and I held up a pencil and suggested that maybe some of the older guys could show the younger guys how it works. 

As usual I upset the apple cart.

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