Saturday, October 10, 2015

I think I'll let a sleeping dogs lie.

Back in my twenties I had a really whacked-out relationship with a woman that was in her early to mid-thirties. It was really a three ring circus of sorts. I look back on it and chuckle sometimes.

She must be about 70 now and for a while I have wondered how her life went after I broke it off with her and headed back to Alaska. Maybe reminding an old woman about a go nowhere relationship in her past isn't such a good idea.

I know it was a weird time in her life and it was a period in my life when I was still on the road. She had a kid and had returned to college in her thirties.  She was in an art program of some sort. Looking back on it, whe was headed to disappointment as even back then the way to go was STEM.

My guess is she graduated with a semi-meaningless degree and found lousy employment but I digress.

I was thinking of looking her up but have decided against it. 

Time changes things and you never can tell about the  way something or someone is looked back upon. When the relationship started she knew it wasn't going to last. I came into her life when I was on the road and literally kept my sleeping bag rolled up behind her couch.

When we split I headed south to work construction and then headed north to Alaska again. 

My gut tells me she would not really like to look back on that period of time for some reason or another.

I think I'll let this sleeping dog lie.

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