Friday, October 23, 2015

When it rains it pours.

I am still working for 200 confirmed DX entities. I was stuck at 194 confirmed for several months. I bagged Southern Sudan about a month ago. Suddenly in a period of two weeks I hit 7 ATNOs (All Time New Ones).

I bagged Zimbabwe-voice, Angola-CW, Niue-voice and CW, Marshall Islands-CW, Seychelles-voice, Market Reef-voice and Fiji on CW. It was amazing. Adding Southern Sudan to the pile and as soon as I get QSL cards I should hit 202 confirmed.

All of the afore mentioned should send me cards as I have sent for them.
The Japanese girl I QSO'd with from the Marshalls has emailed me and told me that she's getting a new batch from the printers and I should be getting one soon.

Amazingly enough, Angola has already confirmed bringing my confrmed number up to 195.

For the life of me I can't figure out how a guy in Angola can shoot me a card and have me get it in under 10 days! The only other time that happened was when I got a card from Papua New Giunea in 10 days.

The Fijian told me to make my QSL card look as unhamlike as possible. I had a women with girly handwriting address a powder blue envelope with lavender ink and I took it home, put a lipstick kiss on it and tossed it in the mail. 

Fiji is a French posession and there isn't a Frenchman alive that would touch that one with a ten-foot pole.

A quick pass of lighter fluid on a Kleenex took the lipstick off me quickly and I tossed the letter in the mail.

Southern Sudan should be headed my way.

Zimbabwe, Niue, Market Reef and Schyelles are all DXpedition contacts and can take months but they will confirm.

Anyway, it looks like I can put this project to bed soon.

I suppose I'll continue to work ATNOs as I see them but now that I have reached my goal I'll do so with a more relaxed attitude.


In addition to that I may have Chesterfield Islands and Minami Torishima. Chesterfield Islands I believe I QSO'd on CW but for some reason never made it into the log. I've emailed the QSL manager and we'll see. My CW is lousy and perhaps he didn't get it right. Likely my fault.

Minami Torishima was a fluke contact and I believe I made it into his log but am not too sure. The operator is a Japanese weather person there and seems to have no email nor does his QSL manager. I sent him a paper card and will either get his QSL or my card back with 'Not in log' scrawled across it. We'll see.

Update on Chesterfield Island: Not in log.

Oh, well.

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