Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"This product is known by State of California to cause cancer."

So that leaves the remaining 49 states in the union a bunch of dumbasses, huh?

Idaho is putting the stuff in baby formula and people in Kansas use it as after-shave. Meanwhile, in Maine someone adds it to maple syrup and in Texas it is routinely added to feminine hygene products. I suppose this is because the women are tougher in Texas. They must have some pretty hard core mamas down there. 

But by God and all that is great, the Amazing All-Knowing State of California just KNOWS that the stuff causes cancer.

What is it that makes California so damned smart?

Actually I think it's more likely that they're a bunch of idiots and have defined cancer causing substances to regulate behavior.

Then again,maybe the stuff ONLY causes cancer in California and is safe to use everywhere else.

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