Friday, June 24, 2016

Little Old ladies are loose cannons.

I have said this before and I'll say it again. When dealing with an old lady one never knows what is going to happen.

You can say "Aw, shucks!" in front of one and get chewed out by one because she is offended by such profanity.

The next one you might run into can probably make an Old School Parris Island drill instructor blush. 

Some have no sense of humor whatever and others are outright hilarious.

Like I have said many times before I am a ham operator and like to work DX. I don't rely on electronic confirmation. I like paper QSL cards to confirm my DX contacts. 

The rules are the person requesting a card is supposed to supply his or her card, a self addressed envelope and cash for return postage. Generally this is done by sticking a couple bucks into the envelope. This means I often need one dollar bills.

A while ago I had a spare fifty and decided to get a stack of ones to take care of some outgoing QSL cards and add the remaider to my 'one stash'.

I went to the bank and asked the teller for ones. She gave me a cheerful, naive look and asked me, "Having a garage sale?"

This, of course, created a major target of opportunity. There are things that come up that one can simply not let pass under any circumstances.

"No," I replied excitedly. "Bubbles is workin' at the club tonight!"

She looked a little shocked. The guy teller in the next booth heard it and said over to me, "Bubbles is working tonight? I'm buyin' the first round!" He knew I was being a smart ass.

What brought the house down was the little old lady in front of the guy teller. She was cashing a check. She turned over towards me and stuck her ample boobs out and asked, "Are they having a wet T-shirt contest?"

I looked at the old girl. She must have been at least 80 and was pretty topheavy. Likely her brassire was made at Angelo's wrecking yard out of old seat belts and a couple of 1952 Caddy front bumper bullets.

"Sure are!" I replied, "And Bubbles can't enter it because she works there!"

"I'm in!" she replied.

Needless to say the whole place was laughing themeslves silly.

As for me, I didn't mind being upstaged one bit.

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