Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tell the elites of BOTH parties to shove it.

Both the DNC and the RNC can learn a lot from Al Capone and Jimmy Hoffa.

Most people don't realize that during the depression the biggest soup kitchen in Chicago was set up by Al Capone. He fed an awful lot of people when times were hard and it may have very well been one of his shrewdest investments.

Jimmy Hoffa was no slouch, either. The Teamster membership knew good and well that Hoffa was stealing from them and it didn't bother them because Hoffa was in turn taking careof the rank and file. 

The Teamsters used to say "He get his, but we get ours." 

Neither of these people tried to steal the whole pie. They left a couple of slices for the people that made the pie for them in the first place. They knew their money and power came from the rank and file. They took care of their power base, unlike the RNC and DNC.

What both national committees have done is to get greedy. They are and have tried to steal the entire pie without taking care of their base. Ain't one of those muckety mucks in the back room that gives a damn about the average guy. They don't want him to be free and happy. They want him to be a slave to the company store so to speak.

Way back when Harry Truman spoke out about this attitude and pretty much said the same thing. He said something to the effect that the businesses and banks wanted to keep the average guy stuck on time payment plans for goods that would crater the minute the last payment was made.

Truman knew that letting the working stiff get ahead was a lot healthier for both the average guy and the Democratic party than the alternative. It made the average guy able to afford a few decent things as opposed to having to live hand to mouth.

If you let the working stiff get ahead a bit he starts buying things other than food, clothing and shelter and creates markets for consumer goods. It's called a healthy economy which is something I have not seen under Obama and doubt I will see if Hillary gets into office. 

What has happened in the Republican party and to a somewhat lesser degree in the Democratic party is that the average guy is angry and is trying to take things back that are really rightfully theirs to begin with.

They are sick and tired of our system being run by a bunch of well dressed thugs in smokey back rooms making deals with our lives.

While Trump is the most visible result of this, the Democrats are also seeing things happen with Bernie. Think about it a minute. There are not a whole lot of Democrats that are in love with Hillary Clinton. 

While Bernie is an out and out socialist, he is little more than an alternative to Hillary. That's where a lot of his support actually comes from. The rest of it seems to come from the poor who are a growing part of the American scene as the middle class shrinks.

If you look at history, as the economy craters the socialists seem to pop their heads up because people are desperate for a way to keep things going. People don't really care too much about who feeds them just so long as they are getting fed.

There are a number of Democrats out there that are not really true socialists that supported Bernie simply because he is not Hillary. They probably agree that Hillary belongs in jail and Bernie is the only alternative. 

There is one thing I have noticed about a lot of Pittsburgh Democrats. They seem to be Democrats out of sheer habit. They don't want gun control, they extol the virtues of a free enterprise system and carry on against the creeping in of socialism. Yet every election they pull the straight Democratic ticket handle.

That's probably because they have not bothered to stop a minute and rethink things. They are Democrats because  their fathers were. Their fathers were probably steelworkers and the union told them who to vote for. Unions have been traditionally Democratic as they are, obviously, collectives.

Much of this goes back to FDR who is probably the best politician that ever lived. Please note that I have chosen my words carefully. I did not say leader; I said politician. FDR was just that, a politician. He could get people to do things they knew they shouldn't do simply through charisma.

A lot of the WW2 generation regarded FDR as a father figure because they  regarded him as the first president to give the working man a break. Many WW2 vets thought of him as a father.

Truth is the destruction of American independence began with him but I won't digress.

The truth of the matter is that the country is actually run by the national committe of the party in power, one way or the other. 

Right now the RNC is looking at Trump the same way they did with Teddy Roosevelt. They were afraid of TR getting to the White House and the RNC is terrified of Trump getting to the White House because he will do what TR did. (but in a different way) Trump will tip over their rice bowl.

The bold faced truth of it is that had the RNC and the DNC given the working stiff his small piece of the pie and worked to create a good American economy instead of shipping it overseas they would still be enjoying their money and power.

Instead they got greedy and as a result the working stiff has decided that they want someone else in the White House instead of the RNC's little pet, Jeb Bush.

To a lesser extent that is why Bernie is so popular these days. He's not a part of the party elite.

I've said in before, I'll say it again. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to tell BOTH parties to shove it.

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