Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Looks like a lot of Bernie supporters are not too happy

And I can't say I blame them.

Unlike the case of Donald Trump that is the nominee because he got the required number of votes, Hillary is the presumptive nominee because of so-called super delegates.

It is a corrupt system much like the Republicans where the party is controlled by a few 'boys in the back room' making deals with our rights and lives. Both parties truly suck.

Donald Trump is nothing more than a product of a Republican revolution.

Hillary is the product of business as usual. Their revolt wasn't as successful as the Republicans.

What will be interesting is how many Bernie supporters simply say, 'Not Hillary' and either abstain or vote for Trump.

Quite frankly I am seriously a bit frightened with the likelihood of voter fraud in a few places.  I do see Hillary trying to steal a few key places. 

Hillary doesn't give a damn about the American people. She just has an insatiable lust for power.

Trump, on the other hand may or may not have a lust for power but I do believe he loves the country.

While he's not what most people would call 'presidential materiel' I do believe he's a damned sight more honest than Hillary.

I am simply nothing more or less than another pissed off American that is sick and tired of having my life run and my money stolen by a small group of party bosses.

As far as I am concerned both parties suck.

As a liberty loving constitutionalist I'm well aware that I am a minority and the chances of getting a candidate I like are pretty slim.

Still, I'll take as close to my beliefs as I can get.

I'm supporting Trump. He's not the president we want, but he's the asshole we need right now.

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  1. Well said! And more than a few Bernie supporting friends of mine have decided (rightly so) that Trump will do less damage to the republic than Hillary would. -- de NG5I