Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I think Donald Trump got this one right

Apparently there is some question regarding blame for the Florida shooting.

President Obama blames conservative Americans.

The ACLU blames conservative Christians.

ISIS has accepted the blame.

Donald Trump has already said that Radical Islam is to blame before Obama, Hillary or the ACLU even opened their mouths.

Of course, the hue and cry for gun control has started as it does every time there is a tragedy.  Congress is arguing that now as we speak. Frankly if the decide to do anything that they do it now so we can retaliate come November.

More and more, Donald Trump is starting to make sense.

He rightfully pointed out that politically correct is nothing more than an enemy of getting anything done.

The other day I heard a couple of people yakking. One pointed something out about the  black crime rate. 

The other said that his comment was racist.

I interrupted and said that facts are facts. A statement of fact is not a racist statement. It is nothing more or less than a statement of fact.

Donald Trump has used the term 'Radical Islam' for quite some time now and has challenged Hillary and Obama to utter the dreaded words. I guess yesterday or the day before Hillary actually uttered the words as Trump has embarrassed her. Obama has remained silent.

I bear no ill will toward any one's religion as such. You can have one or not have one and it is none of my business.

What becomes my business is when you hide behind the religion and use it as an excuse to commit violence.

While Obama, Hillary and the ACLU are using yet another American tragedy to smear good conservatives, gun owners and anyone they disagree with, Trump has faced the issue with candor and common sense.

Trump is making sense.

If he gets elected he's going to have his work cut out for him. He's going to have to undo the failed Democrat policies of the past 75 years in order to make America great again.

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