Thursday, June 30, 2016

Do it for the children!

I got hit with that line a few weeks ago and she did not like my answer.

A lot of people are afraid of that line, saying "Hey, you just can't come out and say 'screw the children'.

You can't?

I did.

There is little more that I hate then people that use their kids as shields to further their own personal agenda. Damned little. Kids are kid. They are not shields.

"Screw the children," I said. "If you think that I am going to revolve MY life around YOUR children then guess again! If you are so irresponsible as to expect everyone else to raise your children for you then do not have them."

Of course she looked shocked and it looked like she was going to turn on the water works. I beat her to the punch.

"Don't bother starting to blubber," I said. "I have a heart of stone. I am simply not going to change my life for the benefit of your children and it is damned rude of you to even suggest I do."

The look of getting ready to cry went away instantly and was replaced with a look of angry hate. It was the look of someone that has just been robbed and could do nothing about it. When I told her that crying was not going to get her anywhere she had been robbed of her ace in the hole.

Then came the ''Yeah, but.''

"Yeah, but nothing. I'm sick and tired of people like you hiding behind their children. That's all you are doing is hiding behind then because you think that it is an appeal nobody can turn down. Frankly I think you are cowardly for doing such a thing."

Some time ago I saw a guy ask a smoker at an outside bus stop to "Put your damned cigarette out out because I have my kids with me. The smoker had carefully shifted to a downwind position out of consideration. The smoker caved in. I would not have.

Had it been me I would have answered "Screw your children. You're just using them as a shield to get your own way. Stop using your children to further your personal agenda."

This clown was another coward. He WAS trying to use his children as a shield because he didn't have the guts to confront the person otherwise. He needed a shield.

A couple of months ago someone told me he ran into a person that wanted handguns outlawed. She was another 'Do it for the children' type. 

"That's why I carry," he replied. "To make the world safer for the children. I can defend them."

"Yeah, but..." she started.

"Tell you what, Lady." Show me a picture of your kids so I know who they are. I'll carefully remember them and if I see them being harmed I will make it a point to stay out of it and let things run their course, OK?"

She looked stunned according to him. He did notice that she didn't produce a picture of her kids.

Incidentally I would not do this if I was actually carrying a firearm. People like that are apt to call the police and lie, saying you threatened them with a gun. This practice is growing among the anti-liberty set. It is illegal and I wish the police would crack down on it. Throwing a few of these liars in jail would straighten things up fast.

The truth is the 'Do it for the children' line is nothing more than a case of using kids as a shield and there is a simple defense against the practice.

One time a couple years back I was in a parking lot and saw a guy leaning on his horn at a woman backing out of a parking space. She was having a slow time of it thanks to the way someone had parked and crowded her. On top of that, she had started to pull out before the idiot arrived. 

Sitting in a car leaning on the horn was a totally uncalled thing to do. In this case it seemed to be malicious.

I decided to make this one my business.

"Hey, idiot!" I shouted. "Give the woman a break. She got crowded and she's having a hard time getting out. She stared before you came charging up!"

"Don't you talk to me that way in front of my children," he replied indignantly.

"Then stop setting them a piss-poor example," I shot back. "And while you're at it, grow a pair and stop hiding behind them!"

Then I lookedover him and at his kids. "Hey, kids! Your daddy is a big fat wuss!"

I heard the locks click, proving it.

Challenge it every chance you get. After a while it will go away. Challenge it because the people that do this sort of thing are cowardly.

Screw the children!

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