Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Well, it looks like any serious gun control

 on a federal level is not going to be taking place in the immediate future.

Oh, well.

The truth is the toothpaste is out of the tube and actually has been since the day the Bill of rights was signed.

What would a ban really accomplish when you think of it, other than to weaken the Bill of Rights.

The truth is that there are millions and millions of semi-automatic rifles in circulation and trying to take them away would do little more than create a lot of crime where it doesn't exist.

Connectucut recently demanded that the citizens there turn their weapons in and it was a real farce. Well under 15% of the estimated weapons were turned in.

This made fools out of the lawmakers that passed the law and in the long haul undermined their authority.  

It certainly doesn't look like any ban or law is going to be obeyed.
The truth of it is that banning something doesn't really do a whole lot of good.

Look at what happened with Prohibition? How about the War of Drugs? Has the war on drugs even made a dent in illegal narcotics sales?

The truth is that AMericans like alcohol, tobacco, guns and drugs and a prohibition is going to do little except to create yet another opportunity for criminal empires.

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