Saturday, June 18, 2016

Recently members of the LGBT

 community have reached out to the shooter community, some of whom are white Christian males, for help. The response has been pretty damned good. Erin Palette reports quite a number of people have signed up.

The truth is conservatives and the LGBT and a lot of others have been blamed for the Orlando shootings. Everyone has been thrown under the bus except the guilty, meaning radical Islamism and the Obama administration. The administration is blaming everyone else, including the victim. Bad government, poor immigration policies are the culprits here yet the Obama administration blames everyone but the guilty.

Truth of the matter is that it's high time that we realize that government is not the solution. It is clearly the problem.

It is well past time for We, the People, to realize that government is incapable of protecting us. The final responsibility is ours. In reality it always has been our responsibility.

 I have to remind you that American freedoms are protected by four boxes. They are the soap box, the jury box, the ballot box and  the cartridge box. The first three didn't do anyone any good in Orlando.

Clearly it is time for the LGBT community to learn how to open the cartridge box. Armed gays don't get bashed.

There are a lot of us in the shooting community that will cheerfully teach you to defend yourselves. Most of them have offered to do this at their own expense.

What we ask in return is your support in shooting down attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights. Please tell your congress critter to support the 2nd Amendment and make it clear you are a part of the LGBT community. 

It's high time that Americans in general and presently the LGBT stop looking to government to take care of them and look toward themselves.

It is also high time that some members Christian community (and a few others) stop picking on the LGBT community. For the most part the LGBT is costing you no money and doing you no harm.

Besides, as Christians it is not your call to judge. That belongs to God. Nobody is asking you to do anything but stick up for the basic rights of your fellow American citizens and permit them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Besides, what goes on behind closed doors is of no concern to you.

It is also the duty of the LGBT community to stop being obnoxious. If someone won't bake you a wedding cake it is his right to refuse. Simply take your money and go somewhere else. It's his loss and your money will spend just as good at the bakery a block away. If a certain preacher won't marry you then find one that will. His religion may prohibit gay weddings. So what? Obnoxious bullshit like that on the part of LGBT members serves no useful purpose. You can't get someone to love you.

However you easily CAN get people to hate you. Smarten up. Stop trying to make a statement that doesn't need making.

Incidentally if you are desperate enough so you will work your wedding around my work schedule I will marry you where it is legal. I'm an ordained minister. 

Recently there has been a huge outrage over which bathroom to use. I blame part of that one a member(s) of the LGBT community for starting it. I also blame the government for getting involved.

A few short months ago virtually all of us knew which one to use. I never heard of a single argument over who was supposed to go where. As a society we had it all worked out with few if any problems.

Someone started the issue and the minute government got involved it turned into a typical government goat fuck. Someone owes us ALL an apology. Someone in government came charging in to solve a problem that clearly did not exist.

On the other hand, my guess is that maybe the government did get involved intentionally to divide us. I think possibly the president did this on purpose simply for that reason. Divide and conquer.

The truth is that we all have to do two things.

First we have to stop expecting government to solve our problems. They obviously can't. 

Secondly we have to get along. Both sides have to get off of their high horses.

One thing is for sure, though.

The shooting community is looking at an opportunity to bring in others to join in. 

This is not new news. Several years ago I saw the Pink Pistols come aboard on a couple Internet boards. What I saw was interesting. We found common ground. 

A lot of so-called straight men that were previously homophobic came around and found common ground with members of the LGBT community. It was an interesting thing to watch and some of the comments were hilarious as many of the guys saw the light. The concept of armed gays was new to them and they readily accepted it after the shock wore off.

Now almost all of the shooting community welcomes the fresh blood of the LGBT. It's a healthy thing to see.

Earlier this evening I watched about 20 women learning to shoot. It was a  sight for sore eyes. Until recently this was pretty rare and I welcomed them.

The truth is we both need each other. We need your support and you need ours. It's clearly time for all of us to put aside petty differences and make this thing work.

A couple of things, though.

Please vote to secure our RKBA come November and tell George Takai to shove it. George lives in an ivory tower and doesn't have to rub shoulders with the peons like us that work for a living. He may claim to be a LBGT activist but he isn't likely to have to defend himself from his ivory tower.

Let's do it!


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