Sunday, June 5, 2016

One of the things I have mulled over

 since the Brussels bombing is what we are going to do in this country when it becomes our turn.

It will, a blind man can see it coming. We're long overdue from getting hit and hit hard, probably by Muslim terrorism.

Of course when that happens most Americans will stand there agape and outraged and look toward our so-called leadership for a solution.

Hillary, of course, will look at the situation as a political opportunity to seize and will stand before us blowing a bunch of outraged hot air. When we demand retribution she will send our sons off on some half-assed poorly planned expedition  and get a bunch of them killed needlessly. Most likely the troops will be hamstrung with needless rules of engagement because, God forbid, we can't have the troops hurting anyone.

Two weeks later she will start flapping her lips about how we ought to treat illegal immigrants better and she'll open the floodgate even wider to illegal immigration.

Most likely Bernie, completely out of his element, will probably decide the solution is to start some kind of stupid social program and make sure the terrorists get a job somewhere that pays $15/hour so they have something to do other than blowing stuff up. I don't see him taking security too seriously and has no real plan on security ain illegal immigration.

Cruz just got bought off by the GOPe the instant useless Yeb of GOPe fame endorsed him. It's a damned shame as politically I am closest to Cruz. He's a Constitution guy and so am I. Cruz is weak on immigration.

In fact, GOPe in general is weak on immigration, terrorism and security. I wonder who in the RNC has been making a killing by letting a flood of illegals in. Follow the money.

So where does this leave us?

With Trump who believes in secure borders and going after terrorist proactively.

I guess the bumper sticker is right.

Trump, not the president we want, but the a$$hole we need.

Yes, it is sad how far we have fallen.

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