Sunday, July 31, 2016

I pulled a pretty good prank on the Marine team at Camp Perry the other day.

It was hotter than hell and I knew they'd all check in at the armorer van so I laid my trap there.

I was sitting next to a bag when they came up from the range all hot and dusty. It was pretty hot that day. In the bag was  Jim Beam bottle full of iced tea.

I put it up to my lips and chug-a-lugged the entire bottle as the entire team looked wide-eyed. One was heard to say "That is born again hard!"

Another said "Some of those old men are just plain tough."

When I was done I simply got up and said, "If that bottle was any bigger I'd need a designated driver." With that I walked over to my pickup, started it and left.

A couple of the guys caught on instantly and smirked.  Most caught on  pretty quickly when that thought about what they had just seen.

Still, when I met up with a couple of the grinning guys a couple of hours later they they told me that there were a couple of them that swallowed the whole thing hook, line and sinker.



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