Monday, July 17, 2017

I am looking at the price of a new automobile these days

And it has just occurred to me that the last vehicle I bought I paid an awful lot more f than my father did for the house I grew up in.

It is amazing how over my lifetime the US dollar has inflated.

It's a shame, too because it makes it difficult to save for retirement.

As I sit here I watch inflation eat at my meager savings and it makes me wonder why I didn't just piss it away on hookers and blow.

I am 65, nearing 66 now. At 66 I will hit full social security and to tell you the truth I am terrified of retirement as it will make me dependent on several aspects of government.

First the obvious social security etc for an income. 

The other thing I am dependent on is how much the government is going to allow the dollar to inflate. This take the value of my savings.

I guess I am just going to spin the wheels of industry for as long as I can.

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