Monday, July 24, 2017

You marry the family, not just the daughter

is one of the few times my mother was right in a way.

Back in the day a young man would get checked out by the parents before he took the daughter out. That is fair enough. A parent has a right to see that their daughter isn't being taken to Sharon Tate's house by Charles Manson.

I can remember one time I was getting checked out and the questioning went from beyond the reasonable to the ridiculous to the sublime. The mother reminded me of a robbery detective in an old gangster movie and seemed have no plan to let up.

I thought for a reason and realized that for as long as I dated the daughter I was going to have to deal with the mother and did some quick mental math and decided it wasn't worth it.

"Look, if you're playing robbery detective, save it for James Cagney. Grill him. Besides, I left my fedora at the cleaners getting blocked. I'm out of here."

The father laughed like hell until he saw I was actually leaving and then got up to stop me but I was already headed out the door.

I hopped into my car and left carrying 2 tickets to a concert that was happening in about an hour.

It actually proved to be a good decision for three reasons.

I ncver had to deal with the mother again.

I met the father later and he apparently liked me enough to pick up beer for me once in a while as I was then under age.

The third thing is I drove down the the local hangout and offered to take a girl I ran into there to the concert. It was a great choice because she became my non-girlfriend girlfriend  for the next two summers. I might write about her later. She was a trip.

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