Saturday, July 29, 2017

It is an early day for me as I woke up at Oh Dark Thirty

It is 0700 now and the bacon is on. My Godson is starting to stir and that means he will awaken his father and then the two grand nieces will get dragged into the chain reaction unless they have the ability to sleep through things.

They likely do as if I recall I could when I was their age. (This means nothing)


Yesterday I got invited for lunch and was taken out to a fairly nice place by three women my own age, two of whom were classmates of mine. It was interesting.

I am back on track now following a couple good night's sleeps. It has not happened like that in quite some time.


I just read where a WW2 vet wants $13 from the government because he escaped from a PW camp.

Apparently the government paid him $1/day for the time he spent in captivity but didn't pay him anything when he escaped and spent 13 days on the lam. He wants $13 for the 13 days he spent on the lam.

I think a little different. When he was on the lam he was not in a PW cage and isn't entitled to the $1/day PW pay.

It is the sworn duty of the prisoner to escape. The minute he busted out he should have been considered back on full duty and his regular pay rate restored. 

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