Saturday, July 8, 2017

Yeah? So?

Wowee Kazowee, Kids! 

The news just showed a hangman's noose in a tree and the police are going to investigate it.

There have been no notes, no evidence of who put it there and who it is intended to scare. Of course, the news people have to make a big to-do about it because it is a part of their agenda.

Truth is, I would not be surprised at all if a reporter put the noose there and called the police.

If I were a local policeman and someone reported it to me I would simply untie the damned thing, take it down, untie the noose and throw it into the back of my cruiser for use as a tie down of some sort. I might even throw it out or take it home.

But no. Some poor cop has to run around on some kind of wild goose chase to find out who did it and why.

Guess what? I don't care and I consider chasing will-o-the-wisps like this to be a complete waste of time and resources that could better be used chasing real criminals.

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