Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do it for the children is just like the quickly losing

credibility 'race card'.

Bothers Jesse and Al have played that one to death and it seems to be losing credibility, which is both good and to be expected for something as overused and abused as the race card has been over recent years.

The sacred one that everyone is afraid to touch is the 'Do it for the children card.'

Someone tried playing that one on me regarding some dopey thing about some kind of after school activity and I decided to challenge it.

Want to do something for the children?

The children don't need some sort of place to go and hang out, anyway. Truth is, places like that become infested with drug dealers unless you have a full-time team of cops there and if you do, the kids won't want to hang out there. That being the case, why bother.

Instead, let's do something useful for the children.

Let's teach them to read, write, do basic math.

Let's teach them to logically solve problems with their brains instead of with knives and guns.

Let's teach them to look both ways before they cross the street so they'll be around to live and eat.

Let's teach them to contribute to society instead of leech off of it, and teach them that parenthood at age 14 really isn't a good idea.

Let's teach them to take care of themselves so they can cook themselves a decent meal make their beds and clean up after themselves. If we do that we might instill some pride into them so they stop eating crap and get morbidly obese as teenagers.

Let's teach them some basic personal responsibility so they are not looking to hop on the government dole and steal from those that work and pay taxes.

Want to do something for the children? Try what I have just listed.

One other thing; eliminate the school zones from in front of schools above grade six. If a kid hasn't learned to look both ways by sixth grade, then it's time to let a little Darwinism step in. A kid that age that is too stupid to look both ways probably won't do society much good, anyway.

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