Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The word 'Militia' is one that has been beaten to a pulp by CNN

and it galls me to no end.

The militia is nothing more or less than the pool of citizens that are available for service to the state.

The militia of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania consists of all citizens 17 1/2 to 55 years of age. Read the state statues some time. It's there, and it's not as antiquitated as most people think. In 1976 it was changed from 'All men' to "all citizens'.

It used to be a source of pride in being of service to the Commonwealth, but now it seems to be a label for every fringe group that comes down the pike and is looking for a name to hide behind to give it legitimacy.

It really angers me when some fringe group uses the term to describe their organization that is upset with the Federal government. Of course, I don't care very much for the Federal government much these days either. They have gotten too big and too cumbersome and they do not seem to listen to the ordinary guy any more.

All this is well and good, but a group that is trying to slap the Feds down is not a militia. It is really a group of rebels.

This country was founded by rebels, and there's nothing wrong with that. Those guys had a lot of true grit. They risked everything to form this country. I respect that.

Now, I am a pretty rebellious soul and if one of these groups has an intelligent plan to slap the Feds down a peg or two, I'm all ears. Hell, if you are not too far out in left field, I very well may even support you.

On the other hand, I am not going to get my ass shot off under the leadership of some pompous nutcake retired army supply corps officer that is now a self-appointed head of the East Muleshoe (so-called) militia. My momma didn't raise no fool.

Besides, it's a sure bet that if this half-baked organization has 100 members in it, you can bet that a large number of them are Federal agents and a lot of the membership are Walter Mittys or a bigger collection of flakes and nuts than there are in 10 pounds of trail mix.

There was once a cartoon of about 50 wide eyed guys pointing guns at each other and they're in shock, saying "We're ALL Federal Agents?"

If you look at many states laws, the governor is generally defines as being the commander in chief of the militia of the state. That means the militia is under control of the state.

Our state's militia consists of 2 main factions, the National Guard, which can be federalized, and the PA home guard, which I do not believe can be federalized, although their individual members may be drafted under selective service laws. The latter is not organized at this time, but the governor has the authority to do so.

Ask almost any Pennsylvanian if they are a member of the Militia and they'll look at you like you're some kind of nut, yet it's in the books. If they are between 17 1/2 and 55, they are in the militia of the Commonwealth.

What was once a source of pride has turned into a dirty word.

It really galls me to no end.

I hold 2 groups responsible for besmirching the proud name of the militias of this country; the nutcake groups hiding behind the name and the media for sensationalizing them and playing along.

Mainly, though, I blame the media.

They don't really care about doing the right thing; they care only about sensationalization and making names for themselves.

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