Friday, March 5, 2010

I hate going around in circles, yet

it very much seems to be the norm these days.

I posted that I tried to get a certain ringtone from Tracfone and that they keep sending me back to EXACTLY where I do not want to go, which is their website and their limited number of ringtones.

I guess it's because they do not want my money.

Yeah, right. That's a good one! They don't want my money. Believe that and I'll sell you, oh, never mind.

Truth is they don't want to earn it.

I have suggested that they simply set up the ringtonse selection with another option that would be profitable, which is a 'create your own' option.

This would probably require a short time for their website tschnician to set up and it would probably turn a pretty good profit, yet they seem to be playing the game that I see constantly.

They are trying to sell you what they want to sell you, and NOT what you want to buy.

This attitude seems pretty prevelant, and when I bought my pickup a few months ago it was very much the attitude of the local car dealership.

I knew what I wanted, which is a HUGE part of a salesman's job. Figuring out what the customer wants is a lot of what a salesman has to do.

Yet, because they didn't have what I wanted in stock, they tried to sell me what they had instead of simply getting off their daed ass and onto their dying feet and simply finding it. It's not too hard.

There are now telephones and computers out there to make a search a simple five minute job.

I got fed up pretty quick with the salesman telling me that what I was looking for didn't exist, so I simply went to the library and searched for it. The process took me 10 minutes. Then I picked up my cell phone and cut my deal and gave him my credit card number to hold the vehicle. The next day I drove down to the dealership and bought it.

I'll admit the dealership was a couple of hours away, but getting what I wanted was sure a whole lot cheaper and better for me than buying something that I really didn't want and then have to live with it for the next ten or twelve years.

The drive was a pretty cheap expense whan you thing about it in the long haul.

The Tracfone people are playing that game with me over their ringtones, but with a twist. They are playing the circle game with me and I'm going to continue to tie them up until they do one of several things.

This is war in a small scale.

The game they are playing, the circle game, goes like this: Every request I make they send me to the website where I can NOT download what I want.

This is laziness on their part.

I simply want them to either create the aforementioned option, or download what I want to my phone or SIMPLY SAY THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN DOING THIS!

'NO.' is acceptable answer. I can live with that.

Instead, the people there keep sending me hot links that send me back to their site whereby they are making another futile attempt to sell me waht they want to sell me, which is what I do not want to buy.

I know this is pretty silly to make an issue over a lousy ringtone, but I'm tired of having business in general stumble through life trying to sell me waht I do not and will not buy.

When they start to sell me what I want, they will find I can be a very willing and cheerful customer.

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