Monday, March 1, 2010

I have an Irish Catholic background, however there

are a number of Jewish things I have taken to heart, mainly in the aarea of food.

My favorite oxymoron is the 'kosher hot dog'. It make me snicker a little every time I think of it.

Truth is, my favorite hog dog of all time is the Hebrew National. It's one hell of a damned good hot dog and I love them.

The other thing I do when I am fortunate enough to be ashore on Saint Patrick's day is to get my dose of Corned beef and cabbage from a Jewish deli by ordering a corned beef on rye and a side of cole slaw.

The truth is, I abhor the Irish recipe for corned beef and cabbage, which if to toss the whole mess into a pot and boil it into a totally soggy mess. It rates up there with New England Boiled Dinner as on of my all time dishes unfit for the family dog, much less the human palate.

I do, however, add a Guiness to the lunch to make it Irish, however this year it may be a totally kosher lunch as I have heard there is an outfit called the (no lie) He Brewing company and I have found out that they make a stout.

There is a Jew I know that lives out near where they make the stuff and he's supposed to check their stout out and see if it's close to as good as Guiness.

Of course, that is doubtful, as Guiness is as close to perfection as anything is, but there is always a chance and it's worth looking into.

If it is even close, than my St Patty's day will be pretty much celebrated 100% kosher.

One of my younger relatives once asked me what the difference between Irish and Jewish was and I told the young lady that the biggest difference I could see is that the Jews did a better job on corned beef.

My sister heard me say that and looked doubtful for a second, furrowed her brows and thought for a second.

"You're right," she said to me.

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