Monday, March 29, 2010

One of the things that annoys me is dealing with

tech assistance that has been sent overseas because in a lot of cases the Engilsh spoken by the tech reps isn't understandable.

I have dealt most recently with Tracfone and Comcast, and they have tech people in the South America and the Phillipines.

Generally their English has been pretty damned good, but not always.

When I draw the bad luck to draw a tech rep I can't understand, I politely beg off and start the process over again because the frustration of poor communication is too much for me. Generally after the first try or two I manage to get someone I understand.

I have a friend that speaks fluent Spanish and when he gets a problem with something and ends up with a tech rep in South America, he uses Spanish, which is a pretty pragmatic solution to the problem.

I only speak English and High School Spanish which means I that my Spanish is a language that can only be understood by other speeakers of High School Spanish. Once in Mexico I tried to order a special in a restaurant and the waiter told me to try English, as I had just ordered a roast elephant with all the trimmings. In short, Spanish is not an option for me.

When I get a tech rep I can't understand, I have to either start the process over again and get one I can understand or subject myself to the frustrations of lousy communication. Both options are really annoying, especially if it is a busy day for them because more often than not you have to sit on hold for some time to get through to someone.

The whole process can be an exercise in frustration.

You can't tell me that there are no Americans that would take a tech rep job for Comcast or Tracfone. Especially in the present economy where we have so many people out of work, so don't tell me that or I will call you a liar.

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