Thursday, March 11, 2010

The recycling guys just came

and I will venture a guess that the one I watched will not be working there for a long time.

He spilled some stuff off of an overfilled recycling bin and not only did he stop and pick the stuff that he spilled, but he did a meticulous job of picking up every little thing.

Guys like that are few and far between in this day and age.

Now, this guy doesn't have the best job in the world and I am sure he isn't going to be recruited by NASA to plot the path of the Space Shuttle, but he still takes pride in doing a good job.

It's my bet that his work ethic is going to get him off of the recycling truck and into a better job. Guys like that are valuable and generally get snagged by sharp employers, especially employers that send their employees out into the general public to work on people's homes.

Take a roofing job. A guy that will do a good job picking up every little chunk of roofing materiel left over or torn off and get it into the dumpster is quite an asset. Homeowners can be very picky and the simple fact that the homeowner doesn't have to muck about and pick up after a contractor can mean the difference between hard times and fat city.

Things like roofing jobs tend to be somewhat cyclic in the richer neighborhoods. When one guy reroofs, often a couple of others do, also.

The people that consider a reroof will ask the neighbor that just had it done what kind of job the guys did and quite often the recommendation is enough for the rooofer to get the job.

I keep saying that it doesn't take much, and it doesn't.

I'd bet that the recycling guy doesn't last there verry long because someone is going to offer him a better job.

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