Saturday, March 20, 2010

I just learned of a cop that did me a favor many years


The cop is retired, so I'm going to have a pretty hard time chasing him down to thank him, but I'm going to try.

About a decade ago I used to take the chain off of my chainsaw and chased a couple of the neighborhood kids around. The parents knew and didn't seem to mind, as it was in good fun and without a chain, a chainsaw is pretty harmless. Even the local gendarmes knew and said nothing.

Still, it was a lot of fun playing chain saw murderer to the kids.

Enter the neighborhood stupid troublemaker. He called the cops on me.

I never heard about it until the other day, but this cop went to the troublemaker's place and explained that what I was doing was harmless, but the jerk didn't seem to understand. He kept babbling that chainsaws were dangerous, yada yada yada.

Finally, the cop told the old bat that he would return a couple hours later, and he did when he got off duty. He brought HIS chainsaw along with him, and he had removed the chain.

He proceeded to demonstrate by trying to cut his own leg off with it. Of course, nothinng happened. He got the jerk to understand that no one was in any danger.

That's a pretty damned good cop if you ask me.

A guy that went the whole mile to make life a bit easier and not ruin everyone elses fun.

I suppose it would have been easier for him to drop by and tell me not to do it anymore, but he didn't take the easy way out, he went the full mile.

I'm pretty blessed having people like that in my life.

Sure, it was a little thing, but like I say, it doesn't take much.

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