Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last night in the background there was an infomercial

in the background that I wasn't paying much attention to. It was background noise.

After a while I figured out that it was for one of those male enhance ment pills deals, which is a joke. I listensd to the ad for about 2 minutes and then went back to paperwork and zoned it out.

Truth is, I can't see how something like that works to begin with.

I find ads for this crap to be about as tasteless as ads for feminine hygiene products, and I feel sorry for those guys that are so desperate to fall for the ads.

Of course, the ads contain the hottest of chicks making a semi suggestive speil, which is nothing more than a shabby attempt to cover up the tastelessness of the ad.

Why not just be outright tasteless? Picture this:

"Hey, Louise, what happened last night?"

Kathy, I've been dying to tell you! Last night Jimmy ate 14 of those pills I told you about and he turned into a real donkey! I won't be able to walk right for a week!"

"A real gorilla, huh?"

"I'll say!"

Just then Jimmy,a drunken, tobacco stained lout, walks by and both women stop talking and look at him agape like he's some kind of god or something.

I wonder how many of the guys that spend their money on all of this bait to attract the opposite sex could be a lot more amourously successful AND save a few bucks if they simply changed their shirt every so often and hit the shower every now and then.

They could take the money they saved to buy a whole lot better chick bait, like maybe putting the money towards an education or a decent set of clothes to wear.

Not only would they be more successful with the opposite sex, but they woould improve the world simply by looking a little better.

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