Friday, March 12, 2010

Winter storms have knocked a couple of trees down

and it became chain saw madness time.

Of course, it wasn't simple as the pair of trees that fell landed in another tree and the whole thing became a tangled mess that required a lot of work and skill to get everything safely onto the ground.

I got Neighbor Bob to stand by with his cell phone just in case I screwed up. If I wound up under several tons of tree he could call 911 for me.

Getting the trees on the ground was sort of a slow, careful process.

The first step was to bump off as many limbs as I could reach and get them well out of the way, followed by a general clean-up of the area. I knew that when I heard th sound of something letting go, I would have to get the heck out of the way and I didn't want anything around that I could trip over. After all, I'm not a graceful kid anymore.

This was done so next it was a couple of critical cuts that resulted in the topmost of the two trees dropping out of the way quite nicely. The area was again policed up and then it was time for a couple more tricky cuts. The last one produced the desired results and the tree was now on the ground, where it was at least now safe.

I used the rest of the gas in the tank to buck up quite a bit of the trees until the chain saw ran out of fuel and then called it a day.

My plan now is to run the chain saw for a single tank of gas bucking the whole maee up and then stacking things up rather than playing the get up early and work until it's all done game. I'm not in any hurry, as it's now at least safe and there's no reason to get worked up about things.

It'll all get done sooner or later.

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