Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is a term starting to go around among a

certain group of people. It's 'Going Galt"

With everyone and their cousin sucking off the federal tit these days and the successful being penalized for getting ahead, this guy Galt seems to have taken an interesting tack.

While he hasn't dropped out completely, he has taken steps to lower his income substantially so as to reduce the amount in taxes he is supposed to pay and hence stop feeding the beast.

I commented to one of the higher ups at work that I wished that any future pay raises or bonuses would go into benefits that can not be taxed.

He understood exactly where I was coming from.

Sometimes I wish there was some sort of mechanism where I could get paid only what I need and could have the employer put the rest aside, unpaid and untaxed until such time as I retire or get hurt or maybe take a vacation for a few years or something.

Then he could dole it out to me and my tax rate would be lower.

I can understand 'going Galt' pretty well. There are a lot of stupid things we work for. My recent trip to a mall showed me that. We buy a lot of stuff, and I'd say that an incredible amount of it is useless and we'd be better off without it.

A couple of years ago I went that route with food. I quit eating a whole lot of junk, and the results were astonishing. As an old man I fit into my old army uniform. My various blood levels raised and dropped appropriately and my blood pressure dropped like a stone. I was healthier and I was actually saving money because I wasn't eating junk anymore.

When I was traveling and forced to eat out, I was eating more carefully and was far more aware of what I was putting down the pie hole. I discovered that McDonalds sells salads.

Even when I would decide to chow down on an occasional pizza or burger, I'd simply have something light for the next day or two.

In short, I was getting a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

I am seriously thinking of bringing the principle into other aspects of life and cutting back just to see if I can get ahead a little more on a little less.

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