Sunday, November 3, 2013

As usual I forgot to set the clocks before I hit the rack and woke up an hour off schedule

which is par golf. I am not the Lone Ranger.

Yesterday I sort of screwed myself shopping around. I was doing too many things at once and bought the wrong item which seems to have ended well.

I had too many things going at once and seemed to have lost track of who was who.

Dealing with various equipment exchanges on line is pretty straightforward and easy enough. You do have to be honest, up front and careful as a mistake can cause a lot of bent noses.

I made one once on eBay. I double-clicked and ordered two of an item. I immediately got in touch with the seller and explained what I had done and he fixed it instantly with ho hard feelings. He was pretty good about things.

As I have said before I'm working on a shooting project and need a few parts. I went to an Equipment Exchange looking around and saw three of what I was looking for and had several windows open.

In addition to screen names, I had to deal with real names from the various sellers. I got spun around a bit and ordered the wrong one.

Actually it wasn't the wrong part, just the wrong deal. There was another package deal with a couple of needed parts I wanted to buy so I'm not really out and didn't buy something I cant use.

I just have to locate a few more parts and I suppose it'll cost me a few bucks, but not a whole lot of money.

The seller was pretty good, too. A couple of hours after I sent him his money I was sent a Fedex tracking number.

What I am doing is what a lot of shooters do and I am building a rifle from an action. I bought a basic varmint rifle for the barreled action and have stripped the action out of it and I am going from there.

I'm replacing the stock, adding a magazine floor plate, swapping out the scope and mounts and installing a bipod.

While I suppose I could go out there and buy all new parts I can save money by purchasing what are often referred to as take-offs.

These are new parts that have been stripped of of rifles by guys doing the same thing I am but with different sub-models of the same rifle. 

I can get new parts cheaper than going through the dealer and for simple things you can save a few bucks.

I'll have quite a few take-offs I can sell or swap off when I'm done with this project. I'll have a basic no-name scope, mounts and rings along with a basic varmint stock  that I can sell or trade and shave a little off of my finished costs. 

I'm glad to have equipment exchanges to work with, but I think from now on I am going to have to be a little more careful and make sure the people I am dealing with put their screen names on the emails we swap.

As for the guy I mistakenly bought from, that's OK. My bad.  If the item arrives as described, which I am sure it will I'm cheerfully going to give you good feedback.

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