Sunday, November 24, 2013

I went past a school the other day and the 15 mph speed limit was in effect.

It was an elementary school and I had no problem with that. I suppose that when you are dealing with little kids you ought to be driving slow because at that age they are pretty unpredictable.

The law is, in my opinion, a pretty good one that at least makes sense. Little kids are little kids.

However, the same law is in effect near high and middle schools. That's a waste of a sign if you ask me.

The way I see it is that if a kid hits 8th grade and has not learned to look both ways before he crosses the street than he's just plain stupid and we're better off without him.

He's going to go through life as a Darwin candidate which I don't have a problem with just so long as he lives up to the rules of the Darwin Awards committee. The problem is that the kid is likely to break the Darwin Committee rules and kill or injure someone else.

Any kid too stupid to look both ways before he crosses the street is going to go through life miserably and in constant pain. He will constantly be injured and suffering. Lord knows that's no way to live. Maybe it's better that he removes himself from the gene pool before he can inflict his stupidity on others.

Simply lift the speed limit on schools that cater to grades 8 and above and let the problem solve itself.

The solution really isn't limited to school kids, either.

I have been an advocate of self solving problems for years.

As far as adults go, they simply ought to remove the safety stickers off of things like lawn mowers, chain saws and the like and let the problem solve itself.

Anyone that picks up a running lawn mower to trim his hedge gets what he deserves, anyway.

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  1. Our government is trying as hard as they can to repeal natural selection.