Friday, November 1, 2013

After Action Report on Halloween.

About 75-100 kids.

I gave away a bunch of candy to the kids and about 7/8s of a bottle of rum to the parents.

Some of them were cute, most were average. It was a little rainy so the numbers were down, I guess.

Mostly local kids, I saw little to no evidence of FSA types loading the cars up and hitting the 'burbs for better picking. Had this happened I would have been good to the kids and simply fumed at the parents. I'm almost always good to the kids if they are polite.

I gave away a bunch of HBRs (hot buttered rums) and every single parent loved the recipe which I will not give out unless you have something to trade.

No incidents to speak of.

I think somewhere in the archives there is a previous tale of a couple of years ago when one mom tried to chew me out for serving HBRs and a couple of the others ganged up on her and told her to stop ruining things for everyone else.

I almost had a pretty good catfight in the garage that year. I broke it up by shouting across the street, "Catfight in the garage! I got $20 on the little one with the big tits!"

There's one family I love to see come. The boy is getting pretty close to 12 but has been trained to deal with me and my sarcasm. He's a damned good kid.

I told him to swing by next year and I'd teach him how to soap windows, TP trees and told him that when I was his age I could take a Whammo wrist rocket and knock out a street light at 50 yards on the first shot.

He knew the drill. His face lit up. "Gee! Thanks, Mr. Pic!"

"No problem, Kid. I'll pick up a Red Ryder BB gun between now and then and next Halloween will be one for the books!"

The mother shook her head and laughed. "I'd tell you not to give him any ideas but I'm sure you haven't said anything he didn't think of himself."

He was out with his mom and sisters because his sisters are too young to go out alone.

One beautiful pair of children came to the door dressed up like a pair of Mexicans, a senorita and a Pedro type in a serape and sombrero. They were cute and I thought of the University of Colorado rant about such a costume being not PC.

Then I looked at the kids and saw they were likely Hispanic and looked over to see the the mother was the beautiful woman from the other end of the street. She's from south of the border originally. She seems nice enough and when I spoke to her some time back when she was taking a walk.

Some of the parents were in costume, too. The last one of the night was dressed like Flo of the Progressive insurance people.

Morning damage assessment.

I've been out already and not seen evidence of any eggs, toilet paper, paint or anything else. I think I can attribute that to a storm that blew up as soon as trick or treat hours ended. It rained and blew like hell for a while. Likely that helped keep the usual vandals at bay.

All in all a somewhat boring, uneventful Halloween.

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