Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Did it ever occur to anyone that the most grateful people police officers ever get to meet are serial killer-rapists?

It makes sense when you think about it.

When Joe Citizen gets stopped for a traffic infraction he generally wonders why the police are sitting there hiding in the bushes near a stop sign trying to nab a traffic violator instead of being out somewhere else trying to catch burglars and thieves. Sometimes he says something along these lines to the officer.

Maybe it makes the cop wonder WHY he isn't out trying to nab burglars and thieves instead of hanging out waiting to try and nab traffic violators. Maybe he doesn't, but you can rest assured that traffic violators gripe about why the officer isn't out trying to nab burglar and thieves.

When the officer does manage to nail a burglar or thief he generally cuffs and stuffs him and has to listen to the urglar or thief gripe all the way to the station. The perpetrator wants to know why the cop isn't trying to chase down muggers.

After all, the poor old burglar is only stealing property. He isn't really physically harming anyone. So he gripes all the way to the station house that the officer should be out chasing muggers.

Maybe the cop does bust a mugger and when he takes the mugger down town he's likely to get an ear beating from him. After all, the mugger didn't kill anyone. So how come the officer isn't chasing murderers?

So, OK. The cop does arrest a murderer and by now his already cauliflowered ear takes yet anoother beating. So the guy hacked up his wife for whoring around on him. The complainer points out that the cop might have done the same thing under the circumstances. I suppose a few cops might. I know some would at least consider it.

Things get worse when the killer is a guy that iced the sick bastard that molested his seven year-old daughter. Most likely there are a lot of cops that would do more than consider taking that same sicko out. Still, they have to listen to the gripes all the way downtown.

After all, how come they are not out looking for the sicko that's been raping and murdering all those women out there?

Of course, it all comes home to roost when they do catch the rape/murderer. That's when cops are treated to genuine gratitude. As the murderer/rapist sits in the back of the cruiser headed to the clink he thanks the officer for stopping him before he can kill again.

And that is why the only grateful people police officers meet are serial murder/rapists.

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