Thursday, November 21, 2013

The big house on the hill

I see a lot of people that move into a humongous house somewhere and some of them can't afford to furnish it and wind up living there with sofas from Craigslist curb alerts, matteresses on the floor and boxes for furnishings. 

It makes no sense to me.

I bought a small Cape Cod twenty years ago and had it paid off well ahead of schedule. It works for me because I like the neighborhood and there is more than enough room in it for two people. 

I have everything I need there and it makes no sense for me to have a place with no comforts. It's just foolish. 

I hear a lot of people try to justify it with the lame excuse of having a large family, generally consisting of a mere two or maybe three kids. This may be a family but is sure isn't a big one. 

What does make sense to me is that I have seen a few immigrant families move in and furnish the place and live there. These people have brought what used to be American family values with them. They have three generations of people living there as they are pretty likely  to have their aging parents living there with them. Everyone contributes and it works nicely.

I would imagine that after the inevitable collapse we're going to see a lot more of that going around.

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