Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Up early so I may as well post now while I can.

I have brain lock right now so I guess the solution to that is to do what I am doing now and write something and see where it goes.

I am looking forward to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving and I remember an old spinster I knew in New England, a Miss Cummings. 

When I was still in my late teens she was in her early 90s and I remember her talking with another woman that she would love to see another Thanksgiving but wasn't strong enough to see another Christmas through.

If I recall she said that in September and sure enough, in early December she died.

I consider Thanksgiving to be a warm holiday and I'm grateful I spend it with family. Truth is I hate Christmas.

Christmas reminds me of an angry pileup over a DX station and there are just too damned many expectations.

The last decent Christmas Eve I had was in '69 when I was stuck in an airport in Florida. I swapped tickets with a GI coming home from Vietnam. He wanted to get home for the holiday and truth is I was hoping to miss out.

He got out on the flight minutes before the airport got socked in and a couple of hours later I got out when the fog lifted.

The flight got into Logan early enough for my dad to snag me and haul me off to relatives for the afternoon. I was tired and pleaded that I hadn't slept in about 40 hours. 

My mother, who was pretty insensitive started moaning about how I couldn't miss Christmas at Grandma's. Dad had some common sense, though. He told me to go with everyone, but hit the rack in the back bedroom when we got there.

I did and to tell you the truth it gave Ma more heartburn than it would have if I'd stayed home. She had to explain why I was sleeping to the rest of the family.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a few more Thanksgivings but as usual I am looking towards Christmases knowing that I will have to suffer a few more holiday depressions.

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