Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Up early. Cat was confused for aq minute or two but got unconfused when

he realized he could get fed early. This is what cats do.

I'm up early because I am trying to contact Wake Island on 40 meters and that's when propagation is best even though today it will be lousy.

Wake is a DXpedition and therefore I have a limited time, unlike England which will be there for a while.

The Wake DXpedition is dedicated to the 98.

The Japanese force that took Wake Island in late 1941 murdered 98 civilians that were Morrison-Knudsen employees.

Years ago I met a guy that had been on Wake when the Japanese took it. He had been evacuated along with the Marines and sailors that had been taken prisoner. He had spent 4 years in Japanese captivity and when he got out M-K had his job waiting.

He was in interesting old man that was dying when I met him and he showed me a card M-K had given him listing him as a survivor of Wake-Cavite-Guam, three places M-K had people captured from.

The old duck came from a constriction family and as soon as his brother heard he was either dead or in Japanese captivity he went straight into the SeaBees and built airfields in the Pacific.

ANyway I am up, I have checked propagation reports my rig in on frequency and the antenna is tunes up.

It doesn't look too good but propagation says I have a fighting chance if I can beat the big guns.

We'll see what happens

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