Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mission accomplished!!

I woke up to pee and figured what the hell and turned on the rig and K9W, Wake Island, was booming.  He was 5x9 on my meter which was stronger than predictions. I listened for a little bit and realized I had set the rig up the night before. 

While I was listening I fed the cat quickly. (Priorities. The cat. He who must be fed and obeyed)

He was working a 'split', meaning he was talking on one frequency and listening on another. A cursory check and I was good to go and entered the pile-up.

It took several tries before I was rewarded with hearing my call sign  and I must have sounded like a little kid because he rechecked my call sign and made sure he got it right.

Life seems to work out a lot like ham radio has for me.

Yesterday I chased K9W all day over the airwaves and didn't get squat and today when I least expected it, there it was. Handed to me on a silver platter.

Life is like that and when opportunity comes you have to be ready. 

I sat down at the rig and entered the fray right then and there and was rewarded. I didn't have my morning coffee and I didn't dawdle. I saw opportunity and just jumped on it and got the reward.

That's the way life is sometimes. You have to be ready to go with what you have.

The day started right because I was mentally prepared for it.

My log now has the following entry:

K9W   1106Z  7November2013  7.082/7.160  5x9 Wake Island

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