Monday, November 11, 2013

More unintended consequences

I read somewhere that in California the state government there is going to stick their nose into the porn industry and make the actors wear condoms and safety glasses.

Sounds like something California would do. OSHA porn star. Hard hat, steel toes, green luminescent safety vest, safety glasses and condom.(I wonder if they make steel toes stripper shoes.)

Sounds like California is going to make everything safe for porn actors and actresses.

Except for one little thing.

The customer base of the porn business doesn't like to look at condoms and safety glasses on the silver screen. Now people won't buy California porn. They'll look to go somewhere else. Either that or the porn industry will leave California.

My guess is that the porn industry of California is going to move to nearby Nevada, a state that has legalized brothels in it to begin with.

California will lose a multi-billion dollar industry and Nevada or wherever the business moves to will be a winner.

California isn't in too good financial shape to begin with because of all of their social programs and other generosity with the taxpayer's money. Legislating the porn industry doesn't sound like a very smart move on their part because the porn business likely puts a hefty chunk of change into the state's coffers.

I suppose there may be a few prudes that will say that the porn industry ought to be outlawed but that is unlikely to happen because there is simply too much money involved in it. If it is outlawed it will go the same route as drugs. It will go underground and as a result become totally unrestricted in the same way narcotics are. This is actually a separate issue.

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