Friday, November 15, 2013

Got lucky. Found some time.

It is now hunting season and there are a number of people that are dressed for it everywhere they go.

In the blue collar world where suits and ties are not required there are a number of guys that go to work dressed in various camoflauge patterns.

When you think of it, it makes no real sense. A guy driving a truck or plumbing a house looks out of place in Mossy Oak.

While I don't think anything anything is actually wrong with it, it's just a little odd.

I like what what my mate did to one such fellow over dinner the other night.

"What do you do for a living?" he asked one of the deckhands.

"I'm a sailor," said the kid with an air of indignation.

"Then why are you dressed like a shrub?" he asked.

The kid good naturedly took his medicine while everyone else laughed.

Now the kid dresses like a bag lady, which is to say that now he looks like a sailor is supposed to look.

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