Monday, November 4, 2013

Should I post this as an ad on Craigslist?

Hot babe wanted for high school reunion.

Former picked on high school dweeb, 62 is looking for a hottie half my age to attend my 45th high school reunion with me and pass herself off as my trophy wife. I want to see the tongues of the guys I went to school with hanging out and see the women shoot daggers with their eyes.  

You know how it is. Like everyone else I left high school eager and ready to face the challenges  of life. Things didn't seem to work out as planned and I am here still plugging away at making my second million because I gave up on my first million years ago.

I'd like to return to the alma mater looking a little better off than I really am. 

If you can strut your stuff down the aisle of a geriatric ward and make catheters pop off then you have what it takes.

Busty flaming redheads with a flair for the dramatic go to the head of the line.

One other thing. Please don't spill anything in the Ferrari. It's a rental and I have to return it.

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