Friday, November 8, 2013

I reorganized the laundry yesterday

I have a long laundry table across from the washing machine and dryer. Generally when I run a load through I simply toss it on the laundry table ad pick through it as needed. I seldom haul it upstairs and put it away because it's mainly jeans and T-shirts.

If there is anything that requires ironing or is halfway decent I haul it upstairs and take care of it.

Yesterday I bought 4 cheap laundry baskets and organized things.

1 basket now contains undershorts and socks, the other T-shirts, the third is for jeans and number 4 is for shirts.

I think it's going to be a pretty good system as I emptied the dryer this morning and tossed the contents of it piece at a time into the respective baskets.

It beats rooting through the big pile for a sock.

In other news the kitchen and dining room got a field day yesterday and sparkles. It was past due and I deep cleaned the stove and a few other things.

Part of life is taking care of things.

Ever notice that the rich take care of things? They maintain their equipment and it lasts a lot longer. Buying a used vehicle from someone wealthy is generally a better deal than buying one from a poorer person because the vehicle has likely been taken better care of.

I bought the Miata from a lawyer's wife and it had been taken very good care of. On the other hand over the years I have bought used vehicles from other people that didn't take very good care of them and had problems on down the line. 

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