Saturday, November 9, 2013

There is a neighbor of mine that is also a ham.

and on Friday nights he runs a net.

I was looking for DX and heard him so said what the hell and checked in. It was actually a free for all night with no planned subject. Just take turns and see what gives.

I waited and when it was my turn I said, somewhat cheerfully, "At the mall runnin' portable. I got a wire up between 2 light poles while the stripper I picked up last night is in the mall goin' to Frederick's of Hollywood to buy somethin' tacky to wear to work tonight. Hey, Bob, you got any bourbon? I could use a drink after I drop her off."

"Uhh, no, Pic. I'm out of bourbon," he replied.

"OK, I'll pick up a jug and maybe drop by later.Out."

I suppose as usual I split the net into two groups. One that believed every word and the rest of the guys that knew what I was doing and were laughing themselves silly.

I'm going to hear about this in an hour or so because there is a radio club breakfast and I'm headed out to it.

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