Friday, July 1, 2016

I once chatted with an

 FBI special agent and it was interesting. One of the first things I asked him is what would he do if he quit and decided to become a criminal.

"Medicare fraud," he said. "It's so easy to do, the rewards are great and the chances of getting caught are low."

He went on to explain how to do it and get away with it and gave me some limits that would fly under the radar. If I recall you would falsly bill them about $250,000 two or three times a year and most liely get awaay with it.

It was funny getting tips on embarking on a life of crime from an FBI agent. He was a pretty good guy about it.

Then again, a good cop thinks like a criminal. He's supposed to. I once told a cop it's just a matter of which side you pick. He thought about that for a minute and agreed with me. 

Hate crimes were making the news as the legislation was fairly new at the time and the media was following a few cases. I asked him about that and he looked disgusted.

"How do you prove what's in a man's heart?" he asked.

"True enough," I answered. Sounds like unless the guy was ranting and raving about hating the race of whoever he is hurting it's pretty hard to prove. I suppose if the guy is some kind of a neo-nazi skinhead and a psrt of an anti semetic group that might make it easy.

"That would, but try and prosecute someone that burns down a Jewish synogogue or something. Maybe he did it because they built it in the field he used to play baseball in and he was mad about it. It's hard to prove."

I've also noted tht hate crimes don't seem to be prosecuted very evenly. A while ago some #BLM types hammered some poor soul while screaming 'Black lives matter."

What brings this to my interest is that the police department stated that these young thugs were going to be prosecued for a hate crime which I figued was fair enough.

Of course, shortly after things dropped off the radar so I suspect they just got prosecuted for simply beating someone up and it ended there.

The thing about laws is that in order for them to work they have to be applied equally. 

While there are a number of white racists out there, they do not have a monopoly on racism. There are a lot of Blacks, Hispanics and everyone else out there that are racist, too.

Yet one seldom if ever hears of anyone but whites being charged with these crimes.

Things like that seem to pull us apart instead of bringing us together. On the other hand maybe that is what lawmakers want. I sure wouldn't put it past them.

They ought to simply repeal the whole kit and kaboodle and go back to simply charging the perpetrator with the basic crime and leave it at that.

For another thing, you can't force someone to love someone else. It's kind of like getting the Grand Guru to change a light bulb. He'll tell you the light bulb has to change itself because all change comes from within.

Personally I think the Grand Guru is a sad  lazy bastard and ought to be forced to sit there in the dark until he gets off of his sorry ass and changes his own light bulb like everyone else. But you get the point.

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