Friday, September 16, 2016

American journalism is dying off

at an incredible rate since Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring.

It has been dying since long before that but recently it has slid down the tubes a lot faster.

Fair and unbiased is going down the tube faster and faster each day and right now I have no faith in any of the newspapers or radio and TV stations.

The New York Times should change its motto from 'All the news that is fit to print' to 'All the news that is fit to tint.'

It has gotten out and out patently dishonest and seems to be serving the left.

The time when the news was reported dispassionately with no political bent is long over with. It's to the point where a report of someone's grandmother baking cookies for a church rummage sale is a vehicle for politics, generally leftist.

It wasn't always that way. There was once a time when the news media reported straight facts and let the reader draw his own conclusions. The Op-Ed page was the newspaper's forum where issues of the day were discussed. Not anymore.

There is a reason that they are not getting away with this as much as they would have been able to a decade ago and that is the internet.

I think that the mainstream media as we know it now is dying. It is likely going to be a slow death but it is dying.

Fewer and fewer people are believing them anymore. More and more people are turning to the computer now to get the inside scoop on just about everything.

Of course that opens up yet another set of problems. You have to dig to find out what is a crock and what isn't and piece things together.

Truth is the Fourth Estate has become the mouthpiece of the Left. It really is as simple as that.

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