Saturday, September 10, 2016

One of the things I am going to do today is write a long letter to

someone because I think it will communicate things better.

Sometimes handing someone one's thoughts on paper is a good idea because the reader can go over things again and recheck things. WHen you speak the words are gone as soon as they leave your mouth.

I'm trying to let someone know how I think.


I ran into a guy I see regularly and he told me that he is not a shooter but is thinking of getting a firearm for the house. I told him he needs two.

More importantly than that he needs a plan. My plan is fairly simple. I simply retreat to my bedroom, call the United States Cavalry and hope they are not too late.

While never in the entire history of the motion picture has the United States Cavalry been too late, this isn't the motion picture business and the Cavalry is a basic suburban police force.

I am very disciplined with things before I turn in. I punch 911 onto my cell and park it. The purpose is threefold. All I have to do in the middle of the night is punch the button and unlock the phone, swipe the screen and hit send. The local 911 will cover a police, fire or medical emergency.

The duty gun in the bedroom is for a last ditch scenario.

Although Pennsylvania has castle doctrine, shooting anyone under any circumstance means a trip to jail for at least until after an investigation.

The truth is an intruder is free in my house to wander through the kitchen and make himself a snack. If he has to go to the bathroom he's free to. He doesn't even have to put the seat up.

Want to check out the stuff in the dining room? Feel free. 

Head into the living room and watch a little TV if you want. Maybe grab a beer and catch up on N.C.I.S. and see how Abby is going to track you down.

However, walking into the bedroom is going to be a mistake. It will likely be a painless mistake, however because you are very likely going to be dead before you hit the floor. I WILL fire on you. 

It really is that simple.

The truth is that a lot of people think that simply getting some firepower is the solution to a threat, the truth of the matter is that a firearm is simply another tool to work with. It is only a part of a security and safety plan.

I knew an interesting man that used to have an interesting setup.

It was kind of an emergency center that had a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and a 12 gauge coach gun mounted on it. He said he was ready for fire, intruders or a health emergency.

Looking back on it, it made a point. 

If you think that being prepared simply means getting a gun, guess again. 

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