Monday, September 26, 2016

One of the things that is kicking the dogsnot

 out of the media is the internet.

The other day I learned of a U2 aircraft crash before it hit the mainstream media and even saw a couple of pictures of the smoke plume. The plane crashed near one of the members of an internet board I frequent. He went outside, shot a few pictures and posted them on the board.

The media is rapidly losing their credibility because of the web. There are too many people out there that see what is going on first hand and are willing to share it.

If Hillary wets her pants on stage and the mainstream media chooses to cover for her by photographing her from the waist up then someone is apt to snap a cell picture and post it on line. It's getting harder and harder to cover things up.

You don't have to have a journalism degree and a camera crew to report the news anymore. Just about anyone with a basic ability to write understandably thathas a laptop can be a reporter.

The raid that killed Osama bin Laden by the Navy SEALS a while back was reported as it happened by a Pakistani on either a blog or Twitter in real time. I believe it was Twitter. While the Pakistani did not know what was actually happening, he did know that SOMETHING was happening nearby and posted it.  

The truth is that as time passes anyone paying attention is rapidly finding out that the meinstream media is basically corrupt and is losing credibility at an incredible rate. It becomes obvious that they have an agenda.

I would imagine that a few years back they could have gotten away with it. However, since we have entered the information age where anyone is now a reporter things have changed.

I have learned an awful lot off of the web over the past several years. Most of whet I have learned is just how corrupt the system really is. The mainstream media is covering up the very corruption they used to take a lot of pride in exposing.

Then again, maybe it was always that way and we are now becoming more aware of things.

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