Friday, September 2, 2016

Someone tried to AROCK a friend of mine recently.

For those of you that don’t know the term it is when a Social Justice Warrior starts to smear someone via the web, etc. They will try and get the person ostracized of if they can, get him fired from his job and in general ruin the person’s life.

I am going to be very scant with any details of who, and how I found out who he is because I want to be able to use it again. I will go so far as to say he fell for the oldest trick in the book and outed himself. Again, no details.

I called my friend and gave him everything I know with a promise not to do anything until I am out of town. He generously reimbursed me for my expenses and he is now pretty much on his own to settle this one.

Personally I think that soaking the bastard in gasoline and chasing him all over hell with a Bic lighter would be acceptable but I don’t think a court of law would buy it. Then again, I am not likely to be on the jury. I’d hang that jury as sure as the sun shines.

The reason this cowardly practice has taken root is because of the anonymity of the internet. A 97 pound Charles Atlas ad weakling can sit in his mom’s basement and destroy another person without much risk of being caught.

If he is in fact caught, there really isn’t a whole lot the system can or will do to a person like that…if it can be proven.

It is a nasty, mean spirited, dirty trick and the reason people do it is because we let them get away with it.

A few years back some kid apparently missed the trash pickup and chucked a bag of trash on my street in front of my next door neighbor’s house. I personally witnessed it.

I went through it and found a few bills and bank statements and took the trash to the address and dumped it on the person’s front yard. I left a signed note telling them that if it happened again their banking information would wind up on Craigslist. I later did post it after the father called me and made some threats.

The litterbug was his son and I told him to settle it with him.

It has not happened since probably because Dear Old Dad gave the son a little wall-to-wall counseling.
People will do what they can get away with. If there are no consequences then people will simply do what they want to and laugh about it. Poor behavior doesn’t stop until the misbehaver is brought to task for his misdeeds.

Once the person discovers that he/she has to pay for things the attitude changes fast. Sometimes a simple word is sufficient, sometimes it takes a little more. Women often try and use the ‘You wouldn’t hit a woman’ card to get away with murder.

A few years back some hippie chick tried playing that card only to hear “The fact that you are a woman simply means I won’t have to hit you as hard to knock you out.”

She said I was a coward and an asshole and I readily agreed with her. I am.

Truth is, she got it wrong. A real man does not hit a LADY. She wasn’t. She was a bitch and therefore fair game.

There is also another practice out there called SWATTING. When a person buys a firearm in a place like Walmart someone calls the police and falsely reports an armed man shooting the place up. The caller is trying to get a panicky cop to come to the store, see the man with a gun and shoot him instantly. If he doesn’t get shot, the firearm purchaser will generally have to answer a lot of questions.

Generally Walmart and other places send a uniformed clerk to escort firearm purchasers to their car to avoid this.

As usual, the SWATTER gets away scot-free.

I am pretty pleased that I have managed to out an AROCKer help out a friend. The job of bringing this little dweeb to justice is now out of my hands and is up to him.

It is too bad he can’t get this settled through the system but that’s the way it is. Frankly I think it is his duty to do something not so much for personal satisfaction but for the protection of others.

People like that should be outed and brought to task. The practice of AROCKing and SWATTING is just plain wrong. While the system seems to be willing to let it go, it becomes the job of the victims to stop it.

I think that if the penalty for it was to at least be given a Bronx party hat the practice would stop rather quickly. 

If you don't know what that is, go to Google images.

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