Tuesday, September 27, 2016


One of my relatives said that when another of my relatives mentioned that some woman told her to get out of a certain parking space because she had reserved it for her husband.

It was in a basic, open, first come-first served parking lot. My relative beat the unarrived husband and that was that.

Of course, there was a row of sorts.

I'm fairly sure that the woman that was bellyaching had not been polite to my relative because had she been polite my relative would have probably obliged her.

A couple of months ago I had somewhat of a similar situaution but with a different kind of person. He was polite.

"Sir, could you please back into the space across the aisle? I'd like my wife to be able to park here. It would make things easier for us because we have a lot of stuff to unload."

I stuck the pickup into reverse and backed into the empty space across the aisle. No problem. Why not? The request was not unreasonable and it made life easier for someone. Most importantly, the man asked politely. He didn't demand.

On the other hand had he tried to force me there would have been a row. Some people do not think the rules (like first come, first served) apply to them. They are clueless.

They think the whole world revolves around them. 

Lst year around Christmastime I pulled into a parking spot simply because it was there. Someone coming in the opposite direction stopped and acted all pissy because he wanted the space and apparently had spotted it from the next aisle. He arrived to find me in it. I didn't know, and truthfully I didn't care.

While he was bitching I took his picture and a picture of his license plate. When he asked why I told him I needed a new paint job and he was going to pay for it if my pickup got keyed. His jaw dropped and he  fled.

One of my relatives in Florida tells me that there are a bunch of beach chairs at some resort somewhere and people stake them out with towels.

They throw a towel over them at 0700 and eat a leisurely breakfast etc and arrive at 1030 expecting the chair to be theirs.

Sorry 'bout that, Cuz.

First COME, first served. It doesn't say first to mark your chair with a towel gets to arrive at their leisure. Learn to read, Oh Clueless One. A basic education is free in this country.

Of course, when you get up to pee one of these people is apt to sit right down and try playing that game. It doesn't work because I can play the game, too. It is really fairly easy.

You simply tell the dolt that when HE has to pee like a racehorse you'll get your spot back. Inside of five minutes the power of suggestion will take over and he'll really have to go.

I would imagine that management has to settle a lot of pissing matches over seats. I suppose they could post a 'no reserved seating' sign. It would likely not end the 'reserve it with a towel' habit but would serve to settle disputes instigated by clueless people.

The rules apply to everyone equally...at least they are supposed to.

A couple of years ago I was perched on a barstool and some pompous ass walked in and told me I was sitting in his seat. I suppose had he asked if he could have his regular seat back I would have cheerfully obliged him. There were plenty of empty seats.

But he was clueless. He didn't understand manners and protocol so I balked. I did notie the bartender smirked a bit when I refused to move.

He grumbled and called the bartender who came over and politely told me he'd buy me another beer if I'd move. I said I would for him. 

When he served me the beer he bought he agreed with me that the guy is a jerk but explained he was a regular that tipped well and that he had a couple of kids to feed. I know the drill. Still, I did it as a favor for the bartender and not the clueless jerk.

If you do not have manners and civility you are clueless and as far as I am concerned, your life does NOT matter to me one bit.

If you are clueless and decide that rioting is the way to go then your life does not man a thing to me.

I have noticed one common denominator that seems to appear at the bottom of every one of our recent BLM riots and that is the victim of the shooting was clueless had no couth to begin with.

While that in itself is no reason to justify shooting anyone, the truth remains that had any of these clueless jerks that got shot had a few manners they would still be alive now.

I'm not going to waste my time grieving for the lives of the clueless. Their lives don't matter to me.

Get a clue.

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  1. Hey Pic,

    Dig this - new neighbor who not only wouldn't answer the door when the neighbors came over to welcome them, but started into nonsense like cutting the grass whenever a neighbor was entertaining in the yard, general bitching and then corker - decided he had right of control over who parked in eth street anywhere near his house.

    "Littleman Testosterone" decided to park one of my family in, running his fancy sedan up to the rear bumper and his SUV backed up until nearly touching the front. No room to get out.

    So I brought out my tripod and camera and started taking pictures.

    Littleman Testosterone coms out rant & raving, so I start taking shots of him. He claimed the spot was HIS even though it is a public unassigned street and the spot is mostly in front of my lot.

    In the midst of his jerkscapade exhibition he finally gets it that I am photographing everything.

    So he starts screaming "What was I doing taking pictures?" Starts demanding I erase them and stop taking them.

    So I am shooting more of his antics by this point.

    Told Littleman that though a Reserve Deputy I didn't want to waste my time arresting him personally, but that the cops and DA asked if I would do my usual crime scene photo-documentation for them to save them time when the arrived in a few minutes.

    Went on to tell him not to worry, as Drunk & Disorderly (I had notice the massive amounts of empties in his recycling) get fed okay during their mandatory overnight down at the jail.

    And I was sure they would release his cars tomorrow too, that is after he redeemed them after they were towed away.

    By this point Mrs Littleman is yelling at Littleman to get his butt in the house and she has moved one of the cars - but even more fun the entire neighborhood was now out watching me calming dish it out.

    Clueless and empowered when the timid kept giving his a pass for boorish behavior in the past, I owned him.

    He's still clueless, but much better behaved at least when I am around.

  2. Forgot to say Pic, that I hadn't called the complaint in, figuring getting inside his head was the goal.

    Better half reminded me he's been pretty good for four years now, so I think I succeeded is settling "whose is bigger" as they say.