Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Well, I called that one.

Suburban housewife bull$hit.

I called this one about 15 years ago. Typical designing woman suburban bullshit.

When I met the couple he seemed OK, I disliked her instantly. I later commented that when his career took off she was going to clean him out. I just KNEW she was one of those kind of women.

Sure enough, I just got word that it happened a couple of years back. I have not seen these people in years but a mutual friend mentioned it to me.

He actually played it smart and hired an attack dog that managed to leave him with something. When the dust settled he played it smart.

He bought a small lot well out of town and built a small kit house on it, modifying it to enable a sleeping loft as a second bedroom and rearranged work so that he could work out of his home. 

He has since met up with a woman that was in the female equivalent. Her ex dumped her for a woman half his age.

As for his ex?

She's sitting on a pretty good sized chunk of change but it won't likely last too long. Her kids hate her for what she did and my guess is her alcoholism will catch up with her pretty soon.

Some people are just so predictable. 

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